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Desire is the magic ingredient that is needed to accomplish most any worthwhile endeavor.   Sure, everyone who wants to play the guitar has some level of desire to do so or they would never start studying or even talk about it in the first place.   It is a different level of desire that is needed to accomplish a task as complex and frustrating as playing the guitar even at the most entry of levels.   It is a burning desire that is needed to get the student through the rigors and pitfalls that learning a musical instrument will surely bring them.  

It seems as though most students today either have never had a burning desire for anything in their lives or they have forgotten what a burning desire is or was. One of the best examples of a burning desire I can think of is or was the desire we have or had to get our driver’s license.   Some of you are too young but I’ll bet you can still imagine how cool it would be to have the freedom driving can bring. Without this magic ingredient, desire, the difficulty of making our hands form the patterns and contortions that learning even the basics would be mentally prohibiting.