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There is an undeniable duality in nature. Read Ralph Waldo Emerson's dissertation on compensation and you will know more than I can tell.  For every thing there is the opposite exists. Hot/cold light/dark good/bad God/Satin etc. This is true with the nature of human beings as well. It seems that no one is great at  everything. Who has all the natural talents to be good at everything. Who has the discipline and time to devote to develop and cultivate the skills to be good at everything.

I remember a guy in school that was a nerd in class. I was an immature kid at the time so my assessment of my schoolmate was of a negative nature even though he was a straight A student which was after all why we were there.

I remember that in Boy Scouts, which was something I admired, he was an Eagle Scout and believe me that is no small accomplishment. He was good at everything but a nerd on a social level. I can’t believe how much my own opinion or image of him changed in the four hours between school and Boy Scout meetings. I have been surprised many times by how my small minded opinions of people changed when they picked up their instrument.