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Over the years I’ve noticed people have an array of different mathematical talents or abilities. Some people are great at adding numbers but horrible subtracting. Some people were great with even numbers and bad with odd numbers. Some are great with numbers but hideous with fractions.

Nowadays when people ask me how tall I am and I say 5 foot 20 and it looks to me like about 5%-10% are able to figure out what that means even with a calculator. What does this say about our society and our ability to calculate? If you can’t divide time evenly, or divide the octave in 12 equal parts or six equal parts or four equal parts or three equal parts or two equal parts you are really in trouble when it comes to theory. Most of the time when I ask people a simple question about music theory or mathematics or what color shoes they have on, their assholes sphincter up and they try to hide under the desk or they start telling me how they have a doctors appointment they forgot about, or mommies called them. If they spent the same amount time listening to what I tell them as they spend looking at the damned cell phones they’d be learning something. It’s unbelievable what has happened to us. 50% of the questions that I ask a student during a day get the answer “huh” or “what” or "escuse me?" there is no excuse for someone who pays for advice and then ignores it. I believe the word is ignorant.